Created : May 2016
Update : January 2017
Joomla : 1.7.x - 3.x
Auto active : yes

Updater : yes


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Full Auto-Checkin

Time saver! Goodbye padlocks!
A plugin that will save your time!

With Joomla! everyone has experienced at least once ..
The famous "lock", loved by some, hated by others .. and yes, it's over! With this plugin, ends padlocks, not just those articles, but also modules, plugins, categories, user ratings, banners .. ect! All joomla's padlocks!

How it works ?
It's simple, as soon as an article / Module / plugin / ... is edited, even before the page have finished loading, the plugin removes the padlock .. And that's all .. regardless of the number of users, or users's group ...

A little extra for you
During installation, the plugin will auto-active itseft!

Which version of Joomla! ?
The plugin is compatible with all versions from the v1.7.x, so it will work perfectly with Joomla 2.5.x, 3.5.1 ....
Let us know if you want this plugin for your joomla 1.5 website!


Version 1.1 :
 + Frontend articles edition is now handled

Request an improvement / Ask questions

This module is right for you but you want an additional option or improvements? Send us your suggestions or your questions, it's free!


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