Created : May 2016
Update : October 2016
Joomla : 1.7.x - 3.x
Auto active : yes

Updater : yes


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Media Upload : Automatic file renamer

Another time saver! File renaming is now automatic

A plugin that will save your time!

What's the point ?
By default, for security reasons Joomla! renames the files that are sent (images, pdf ...), the filter is simple: special characters are simply deleted. So if you send an image named "ça.png", the name of the image on the server become "a.png", the "ç" is recognized as a special character. Our plugin Automatic File Renamer renames images (or files) in a much more elegant way, "ça.png" becomes "ca.png" ... All special characters are supported, even the Cyrillic alphabet (for our Russian friends), and most common charset.

How it works ?
The plugin renames files sent to the server directly to the source, before Joomla! filtering their names, and in a totally transparent manner, so this plugin will work with the default Joomla!'s media manager, and also with the media manager of JCE or other third party extensions, such as phocadownload, Widgetkit.. and any other which component / module that can process images / files sent by the user ..

You can add a dynamic prefix files :
UID : The current user ID (ie : 950)
DAY : Today's date (ie : 2016-05-20)
HOUR : Today's time (ie : 14-50-12, for 14h50:12)
IP : The IP of the user sending the file (ie :

You are free to compose a prefix of your choice, here are some examples :
IP :
UID-DAY_IP : 950-2016-10-10_81.123.45.9-myfile.png

A little extra for you
During installation, the plugin will auto-active itseft! No further action on your part is required.

Which version of Joomla! ?
The plugin is compatible with all versions from the v1.7.x, so it will work perfectly with Joomla 2.5.x, 3.6 ....
Let us know if you want this plugin for your joomla 1.5 website!

Request an improvement / Ask questions

This module is right for you but you want an additional option or improvements? Send us your suggestions or your questions, it's free!


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